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    Amit Bakhirta

    Amit Bakhirta is an entrepreneur and a financier. He is the Founder / CEO of Anneau Ltd (“Anneau”) which is a financial services firm focused on Investment Management, Portfolio Management and Advisory in Mauritius and Africa. The Firm is licensed by the Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) in the Republic of Mauritius. Amit has garnered more than 15 years’ experience in Investment Management, Corporate Finance, Banking and Investment Banking in Africa including Mauritius. Amit has invested in more than 200 Public companies (including the largest companies by market capitalisation in Africa) and 25 Sovereign & Corporate Debt instruments in Africa over the past decade. He further cherishes his 8 years’ experience in the Hospitality, Textiles and Retail (FMCG) industries in Mauritius, India and the UK. With his corporate finance, Investment Banking and Multi Assets Investment background, he has been actively involved in the founding, management and distribution of Pan African (including Mauritian), Global, Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets Multi Assets investment Solutions and has headed IPRO’s operations in Africa from 2011 to 2016. He has served as a Managing Director of IPRO Botswana and an Executive Director of the Ponelopele Africa Fund. Amit was previously with the IPRO group (member of Ciel Finance-CIEL GROUP/AMETHIS FINANCE) and AfrasiaBank (Member of IBL/National Bank of Canada/Intrasia Capital) in Mauritius.  Amit is a holder of an MBA, Finance from UWIC, UK and is a seasoned speaker on CNBC-Africa and at select African Investment and Capital Markets conferences. He has also contributed numerous articles on Finance, economics and investments.
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