Editorial Committee

    Charles Telfair Centre

    The editorial committee provides leadership, expert input and oversight to the Charles Telfair Centre and its publications to uphold their standards in line with the Centre’s editorial guidelines.


    Rabin Bhujun, Managing Editor, ION News

    Rabin Bhujun has a two-decade-long career in the media in Mauritius. Late 2013, he cofounded online media portal ION News after holding the position of editor in chief at l’express dimanche for 7 years. Rabin studied Law and Political Science at Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2).

    Dr Myriam Blin, Head, Charles Telfair Centre

    Myriam Blin is also Head of the Leadership Centre, Charles Telfair Campus. Prior to these roles, she has held various senior academic positions at Aberystwyth University, the Open University and Middlesex Mauritius. Her background is in Political Economy and Gender Economics. She holds a PhD from the University of Manchester.   

    Dr Jeremy Charoux, Executive Director, Charles Telfair Institute

    Prior to this role, Jeremy Charoux held a variety of senior management positions at The Coca-Cola Company Southern and East Africa and Unilever Australasia. He has a PhD in Brand strategy and a Masters in Business Administration.

    Raj Makoond, Program Director, Eclosia

    Raj Makoond also Chairs the Financial Services Institute (FSI), the University of Technology of Mauritius (UTM) and the Business Mauritius Regional Energy Working Group (B.M.R.E.W.G). He was previously the CEO of Business Mauritius and Co-Chaired the Steering Committee on Global Financial Crisis, the Textile Emergency Support Team and the Public-Private Business Facilitation Task Force.

    Gilles Michel, Chairman, Charles Telfair Institute

    Gilles Michel is also a non-executive director on several Boards in Mauritius and in Europe, and an advisor to The Eclosia group. After a long career in industry in France and the US, he was chairman and CEO of Imerys when he retired. He is an economist by training who began as an assistant professor at ENSAE. Paris, and then the World Bank, Washington DC.

    Professor Lina Pelliccione, Inaugural Pro Vice-Chancellor of Curtin Mauritius, Curtin University

    Prior to this role, Lina Pelliccione held a number of senior positions at Curtin University since she began in 2001. Her background is in education and innovation, in particular in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).