Tanya Palmyre

    Tanya Palmyre

    Tanya is the lead Researcher and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer for the community-based organisation Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT). Her research interest are in human rights, Social Exclusion, Stigma & Discrimination for Priority population including people who use drugs, LGTBQIA+ community, sex workers and people living with HIV. Tanya has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Mauritius (UOM). In 2021, Tanya worked as research assistant for the project “well-being of priority population in Mauritius” under the guidance of Dr Fiona Grant from UOM. She was able to gain a wide range of experience through the data collection process with communities on the field. In 2022, Tanya was also accepted for a fellowship on leadership in Johannesburg with the Aids and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA).
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    Well-being of Priority Populations in Mauritius

      Tanya Palmyre, Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Officer, Collectif Urgence Toxida (CUT), Harm Reduction, Quatre-Bornes, Mauritius Shatyam Issur, Managing Director, CUT, Mauritius Dr Fiona Grant, Faculty of...