Selvin Thanacoody

    Selvin Thanacoody

    Selvin is an economist with a background in microeconomics and econometrics. He has been a PhD candidate in Economics since October 2018 at the Centre for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia, where he obtained a scholarship. His research interests lie in the field of Industrial Organisation, Competition and Regulation, and Information Economics. Selvin’s dissertation focuses on the incentive regulation of network industries from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. In particular, he models the interaction between several regulators and the regulated industry, and studies the impact of price cap and rate of return regulation on industry performance. Selvin obtained a degree in Economics from the University of Lyon and a master’s degree from the Toulouse School of Economics. He also contributed in many ways to the Toulouse School of Economics student magazine, The TSEconomist. Prior to his PhD studies, he gained experience in competition policy enforcement in Mauritius. This was followed by an exposure to business where he used economics and statistics to analyse sales, derive incentive schemes for salesmen and designed an anti-cash shortage policy. Selvin also spent a year in tertiary education where he taught economics related courses.
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