Rabin Bhujun

    Rabin Bhujun

    Rabin Bhujun has a two decade-long career in the media and has earned international and local recognition for his work as a journalist and opinion leader. Late 2013, he co-founded online media portal ION News after holding the position of editor in chief at l’express dimanche for 7 years. He has also been a board member of public and private sector organisations catering for the development of journalism. Over his career, Rabin has built an extensive network and a deep understanding of the dynamics among the major actors of the Mauritian economy and society. Rabin studied Law and Political Science at Panthéon-Assas (Paris 2).
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    « Fake News » : Pourquoi s’en soucier?

      Rabin Bhujun, Fondateur et Lead Consultant RelateInc.  Les « fake news » prennent de l’ampleur et leurs dégâts réels restent encore à mesurer. Elles ont...