Professor Lina Pelliccione

    Professor Lina Pelliccione

    Pro-Vice Chancellor and President, Curtin Mauritius Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Education, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching. Professor Lina Pelliccione is the inaugural Pro-Vice Chancellor of Curtin Mauritius and commenced her role in January 2019. Prior to this role Professor Pelliccione held a number of senior positions at Curtin University since she began in a full-time capacity in 2001. Professor Pelliccione was the Head of the School of Education since 2010 prior to taking up the role of Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Faculty of Humanities in February, 2018. She was selected to attend a number of prestigious courses such as the Harvard Management Leadership Institute for Higher Education 2016 and the Chief Executive Women’s Leadership 2018. Her background is in education and innovation, in particular in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). She has researched and lectured in those areas that deal with the integration and effective use of ICT in teaching and learning. Her research interests include: the adoption and implementation of ICT in teaching and learning; teacher education; online learning; innovation and change.
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