Nitin C. Rughoonauth

    Nitin C. Rughoonauth

    Nitin is Lecturer in Theoretical Physics at the University of Mauritius. Before that, he worked for 6 years in the Education sector in Mauritius, looking at higher education policy (as part of his Service to Mauritius), teacher education in mathematics at primary and secondary levels (as maths education lecturer at the Mauritius Institute of Education), and educational assessment in mathematics and the sciences (as R&D Officer at the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate). He was also a maths lecturer at the Ecole Centrale de Nantes in Mauritius. Nitin studied mathematics, physics, neuroscience and education in Melbourne, Paris, Munich, Lausanne, Cape Town and London. He has a PhD in mathematical physics (specialising in string theory) and a Master’s degree in education (specialising in assessment). His research interests are varied and cut across disciplines, with a focus on theoretical physics and education. Nitin is also interested in science outreach. He is currently the Education & Science specialist on the Mauritian International Astronomical Union National Outreach Committee, where he provides support in promoting awareness of astronomy across the island. In 2015, he co-founded the Café Scientifique Maurice initiative which hosted more than two dozen scientists as speakers from 10 countries. Nitin also worked with the British Council to help launch the international science communication competition FameLab in Mauritius in 2017.
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