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    Naseem Aumeerally

    Naseem Aumeerally completed her B.A. (Hons) in English and French and a Masters in Comparative Literature at the University of Kent and a PhD in English and Cultural Studies at the University of Melbourne. She is currently Senior Lecturer in English Studies at the University of Mauritius. Her research interests are nulticulturalism,  minority Muslim cultures in the Indian Ocean, Muslim popular culture and Creole publics. She is a Research Affiliate with the ''Ground-Truthing for Sustainable Peace Project' of the Advanced Consortium on Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity at Columbia University’s Earth Institute and is currently working on projects about the changing subjectivities of Muslim women in South Africa and Mauritius. Her studies include: “Minority Rights and anti-discrimination policy in Mauritius-The case of ‘Malaise Creole’”, International Journal of Cultural Policy,  2015,“Reimagining Muslim Women Through the Prism of Minor Diasporic and National Literatures,” , Interventions , 2017,  and “Intersectional Religious Agency: Mauritian Muslim Women and the Negotiation of Porous Interfaces,” co-authored with Jess Auerbach and Myriam Blin, which appeared in the Journal of Southern African Studies in 2020. 
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    What does it take to live in peace? Lessons from Mauritius

      Naseem Aumeerally, Senior Lecturer in English Studies, University of Mauritius Allegra Chen-Carrel, Programme Manager Sustainable Peace Project, AC4 Earth Institute, Columbia University (US) Peter T. Coleman,...