Office for Innovation, Learning, Teaching and Research (ILTR)

    Office for Innovation, Learning, Teaching and Research (ILTR)

    Dr Shafiiq Gopee heads the Office for Learning and Teaching at the Charles Telfair Campus/Curtin Mauritius since January 2017. Before holding this position, he has spent more than a decade teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and conducted corporate training for organisations within the top 100 companies in Mauritius. He is recipient of two Teaching Excellence Awards from Curtin University and is a recurrent visiting lecturer at the Toulouse Business School. He holds a BSc Information Systems from the University of South Africa, an MSc Information Systems and Human Resources Management from Middlesex University, London and a PhD Media and Information from Curtin University, Australia. He is also an alumnus of Stanford Life Studio programme. Dr Odylle Charoux is currently the Director of Innovation and Change Management at Curtin Mauritius, Charles Telfair Campus and a member of the ‘Charles Telfair Company’ Board of Directors. After completing a BSc (Biology & Psychology), a BEd and a MSc (Science and Technology Education) in South-Africa, she spent twenty years working as teacher, lecturer and educational adviser in this country. She then returned to Mauritius where she worked as Director of Academic Affairs at the Charles Telfair Institute, (CTI). In May 2019 she received an Honorary Doctor of the University award from Curtin University for her significant contribution towards the successful establishment of the institute and its evolution into the Curtin Mauritius Campus. Dr. Vikash Rowtho is currently the Head of Research at The Charles Telfair Campus where he has worked in various academic and administration roles for over twenty years. He started as lecturer in 1997 before heading the Faculty of IT Design and Communication from 2000 to 2016 prior to joining the office of Innovation, Learning Teaching and Research. He completed his undergraduate, masters and engineering degrees in Computer Science at the Riga Institute of Civil Aviation Engineers. He also has a Diploma of Sustainability and a PhD in Education. His publications include book chapters and journal articles mainly in the field of education.
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