Brinda Ramasawmy

    Brinda Ramasawmy

    Dr Brinda Ramasawmy did her undergraduate, BSc (Hons) Agriculture (First Class), at the University of Mauritius. Laureate of the Faculty of Agriculture in 1996, she obtained a British Council scholarship to pursue an MSc in Agricultural Management (With Distinction) at the University of Reading, UK. She joined the University of Mauritius as the first female Farm Manager of the University Farm for 4 years, and then opted for the post of full-time academic staff in the field of Agricultural Economics and Management. She obtained a PhD in Applied Management Sciences (With Merit) at Montpellier Sup Agro, France under a French Scholarship. She was the Head of Department (Agricultural Production and Systems) at the Faculty of Agriculture from January 2019 to January 2021. Her research areas include agrifood value chain analysis and development and agrientrepreneurship. She has a keen research interest in the development of sustainable food systems under the overarching issue of food and nutrition security and in line with the UN SDGs (Responsible Production and Consumption and the Zero Hunger target). She also fosters a multidisciplinary approach in her research projects, and is an ardent believer of translational research as the way forward for universities to address real-life challenges.
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