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    Myriam BlinHead of the Leadership Centre, Charles Telfair Campus

    Development Economist with focus on gender, political economy and education. Currently leading the executive education and think tank project at the Charles Telfair Campus, Mauritius. Previously worked as an academic in the UK (Manchester University and the School of Oriental and Africa Studies), the UAE (HCT Women’s college) and Mauritius (Middlesex University Mauritius, Aberystwyth University Mauritius and the Open University). Holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester and researched and taught in the areas of international economics, gender economics, political economy of development, education and research methodology.

    Articles by Author

    The top risks from technology that we’ll be facing by the year 2040

    Charles Weir, Research Fellow and Lecturer, Lancaster University and Louise Dennis, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, University of Manchester   Bewilderingly rapid changes are happening in the technology and reach of computer systems. There are exciting advances...

    Global triggers: why these five big issues could cause significant problems in 2024

      Jose Caballero, Senior Economist, IMD World Competitiveness Center, International Institute for Management Development (IMD) The tensions between the US and China made the global economy shudder in 2023. The ramifications of the Ukrainian war echoed...

    The Contribution of Civil Society in the Climate Justice Movement

      Jeevesh Augnoo, Head of the Law Department and Senior Lecturer at Rushmore Business School, Mauritius   Polar bears have been the poster child for climate change and its impact, inviting people to learn more about global warming....

    Inclusive climate change education in the Mauritian school curriculum: Moving from goals to processes

      Jeevesh Augnoo, Head of the Law Department and Senior Lecturer at Rushmore Business School, Mauritius Krishnee A Appadoo, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law and Management, University of Mauritius & PhD candidate at the University of Western...

    Mauritius sea sponge produces chemicals that can kill liver cancer cells – findings are...

      Rima Beesoo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Germany   For thousands of years, medicines have been developed from natural sources – mostly from plants. In recent decades, though, drug hunters have been...