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    Myriam BlinHead of the Leadership Centre, Charles Telfair Campus

    Development Economist with focus on gender, political economy and education. Currently leading the executive education and think tank project at the Charles Telfair Campus, Mauritius. Previously worked as an academic in the UK (Manchester University and the School of Oriental and Africa Studies), the UAE (HCT Women’s college) and Mauritius (Middlesex University Mauritius, Aberystwyth University Mauritius and the Open University). Holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Manchester and researched and taught in the areas of international economics, gender economics, political economy of development, education and research methodology.

    Articles by Author

    The Right Industrial Policy Is Knowledge Policy

      Tanos Santos, Professor of Finance at the Columbia Business School Luigi Zingales, Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Industrial policy is back in vogue. After decades of eschewing the use of market-shaping policy tools...

    Mauritius’ next growth phase: a new plan is needed as the tax haven era fades

    Pritish Behuria, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Governance and Development, Global Development Institute, University of Manchester Mauritians will head to the polls by November 2024 and politicians are considering the economic direction of the island country. For...

    Workshop Proceedings: Beyond Talent Scarcity: Unlocking Mauritius’ Workforce Challenge

      Charles Telfair Centre, June 2024 In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, several sectors of the Mauritian work landscape have experienced labour shortages and poor rates of talent retention. To better understand the dynamics influencing...

    Buying and selling forest carbon as a commodity is dangerous if it trumps other...

    Constance McDermott, Senior Fellow in Forest Governance and Leader of Ecosystems Governance Group, University of Oxford Eric Kumeh Mensah, Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Oxford Mark Hirons, Environmental Social Science Research Fellow, University of Oxford Forests are...

    Seychelles: floating baby corals can help save damaged reefs – new study

    April J Burt, Research Associate at the University of Oxford Noam Vogt-Vincent, Postdoctoral fellow at University of Hawaii The Seychelles archipelago of 115 islands stretches across a vast area of the western Indian Ocean. Each island...